A Wave case study: successfully disrupting clinical inertia

The Challenge

Challenge Solution Insight

We had compelling new data — a quantum leap for patient survival — the launch campaign, including a national meeting, made some impact, but… we faced clinical inertia in that difficult post-launch phase.

We had no further data, our customer group was relatively small and we couldn’t run another national meeting.

The field force were calling for something new. We needed a compelling advocate for change...


The Solution

A hub and spoke webinar involving truly world class clinicians, using two-way video links to kick start discussion and local change.


This created tremendous opportunities for:

  • Powerful interaction between regional delegates and top flight clinicians
  • Sharing new models of care and how to implement them
  • Identifying challenges and solutions specific to the UK
  • Local Chairmen to assume regional leadership
  • Genuine collaboration between the field force and marketing.



Our success:

  • Over 130 clinicians attended the regional spoke meetings
  • Over 100 clinicians logged in independently
  • The Regional Chairmen committed to creating local implementation plans
  • Feedback identified the Q&A discussion between the spokes and international faculty and sharing practical experience was key to stimulating action.


The Insight

Lots of processes and contingency plans contributed to the hub and spoke webinar's success, but here are some really critical factors we apply to ensure these meetings succeed:

  • The Chair at the central hub needs 'anchorman' skills, rather than traditional Chair skills
  • Two-way video between the hub and spokes vastly improves engagement compared with audio links
  • Regional Chairs are vital in facilitating local discussion and stimulating action
  • Combining dynamic interaction and sharing practical advice creates conviction to change management
  • Genuine collaboration between the field force and marketing is decisive – they both share the ‘pain’ and the ‘glory’ of the programme.


Why the Wave Clinical Disruption method was such a success

Using the webinar approach combined the most impressive international faculty with unrestricted target audience reach.

Ultimately, clinical change was achieved by successfully engaging the field force; they owned their regional ‘spoke’ meetings, targeted their key people and supported further meetings to ensure implementation of agreed action plans.


If you’d like to discuss this case further and how Wave could help disrupt the clinical inertia you face, please call or email us.