Clinically Relevant Thinking

Clinically compelling programmes are what matter to us. They need to be founded on a solid, compelling scientific platform, reflective of the beliefs of clinicians and sympathetic to the challenges they face in optimising patient care.

Science alone isn’t enough; a thorough understanding of current healthcare professional practice and the beliefs driving treatment behaviour is critical, therefore much of our focus in the development of programmes is on building successful collaborations with healthcare professionals. 

Improving patient outcomes

Our medical communication programmes are designed to help healthcare professionals make optimal clinical choices to improve patient outcomes.

We begin by establishing the key questions clinicians have when considering new treatments:

  • Which patients will benefit most?
  • How do we start treatment?
  • What should we know about monitoring and managing side effects?
  • What do we tell patients?
  • When do we switch treatment?

We develop a clinical story based on:

The disease area picture:

  • Treatment landscape
  • Unmet clinical need
  • Patient insights

The clinical story:

  • Clinical trial data
  • Real-world evidence

The clinician’s perspective:

  • Clinical expertise
  • Clinical leadership and advocacy

Then tell the story via multichannel programmes tailored to…

How and where HCPs engage

The channels that are most appropriate

The content that is most relevant

That’s why we call it clinically relevant thinking

We are always happy to talk