From global strategy and advocacy development to local disease and brand-led educational programmes, we support both medical and marketing teams in all aspects of medical communications.

Our services

  • Abstracts, posters and slide decks
  • Advisory and consultancy work
  • Advocacy development and management
  • Brand education and message development
  • Congress support (face-to-face and broadcast)
  • Consensus meetings and publications
  • Digital content strategy and development
  • Disease awareness campaigns
  • Educational meetings (face-to-face and broadcast)
  • External expert mapping and engagement
  • Internal communications and training programmes
  • Medical education strategy development
  • MSL-led programmes and support
  • Multichannel marketing and customer journey planning
  • Patient communications
  • Salesforce-led programmes
  • Scientific platform development
  • Standalone meetings and events (face-to-face and broadcast)

Broadcast medical education – our next generation approach to digital communication

In recent years we have invested hugely in what we have come to know as broadcast medical education as increasingly our programmes are delivered via laptop or mobile devices, rather than the meeting-based approach that dominated medical communications for decades.

And so, broadcast medical education is now right at the heart of what we do. While this began with webinars, it now means a great deal more as it all centres around our digital customer journey. We have learned so much over that time, most importantly that it is possible to make digital broadcast programmes as effective and influential as the meetings they replace.

If integrating digital broadcast and face-to-face programmes remains a challenge do get in touch – we’d be happy to share our thoughts based on a huge amount of success, with everything from advisory boards to 3-day congresses designed and delivered in this way.

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