Wave team workshop on "Clinically Relevant Thinking"

14 October 2021

At Wave, our team is key to our success, so we have regular monthly company meetings to share our goals, progress and team news.

Six months into the financial year and our 5-year plan, we held an extended face-to-face team meeting at Amersham’s Market Hall. How wonderful it was to be able to see so many people together and to get to know people who have joined during the pandemic. We had plenty of successes from the last 6 months to celebrate including:

  • Strong business growth, both with our existing clients and new clients
  • A busy period of growth in our team, with both new team members joining and many existing team members furthering their careers through promotions
  • Winning a Gold and Bronze award in the “HCP Education, Training & Support” category at the PM Society Digital Awards
  • Our recent rebrand and launch of our new website

We also took part in a workshop to help embed Clinically Relevant Thinking into the way we approach our work.

Clinically Relevant Thinking means that we produce patient focussed programmes founded on a solid, compelling scientific platform, reflective of the beliefs of clinicians and sympathetic to the challenges they face in optimising patient care. It allows us to produce medical communication programmes that help healthcare professionals make optimal clinical choices to improve patient outcomes.

During the workshop we split into groups based on functions: client services, medical writing and editorial, and discussed the ways in which we already apply Clinically Relevant Thinking to our programmes and how we can further excel in this. Following this, we all thought of and committed to our own personal pledge as to how we will apply Clinically Relevant Thinking in our day-to-day work. Here are just a few examples:

“I want to understand HCPs’ challenges in the therapy area more deeply”
“I will always consider the end goal of a project when receiving a brief”
“For each programme, I will make sure that we start with a series of questions that will ensure the clinical relevance of programme design”
“I will check back to my key clinical questions every couple of weeks during the project to ensure clinically relevant thinking is there”

It really is an exciting time here at Wave! If you are interested in joining the team we’d love to hear from you. Click here to view our vacancies.