Graduate trainees of 2021: a reflection on their first 3 months at Wave

3 March 2022

We caught up with our very first Wave graduate trainees, Amy, Grace and Kuldeep, to understand their experiences of the Wave graduate assessment day and gather their insights as they reflect on their first 3 months since joining Wave.

Tell us about your experience of the graduate assessment day
"As this was my first ever graduate assessment day, I was not sure what to expect. I had heard horror stories about how intimidating and difficult assessment days could be, which was exactly what I did not experience at Wave. We received an introduction to Wave and careers within medical communications and heard from a number of different team members within Wave. I found this to be extremely informative and it helped me decide which career ladders I favoured by the end of the day." - Kuldeep 
"Everyone was extremely welcoming, and it helped to make the day a lot less stressful. The tasks were actually really fun, which helped to make me feel at ease during the day. This was nice as I had been to some other really intense assessment centres where they expected you to have a knowledge of the whole job role already to actually get a job!" - Grace
How was your first week at Wave? 
"Being a fresh graduate meant that my first week with Wave wasn’t just my first week at a new company but also my first week in a professional job. There were lots of introductory sessions and meetings, which were really useful in giving me an insight into different people’s job roles and the workings of the wider company. There is a lot to take in but as with anything new it’s a learning curve and the team are very understanding when it comes to helping you get to grips with everything." - Amy 
"I had a lot of training and induction sessions which is always great as you really don’t want to be thrown in the deep end when you have never tried a role before!" - Grace
"I had a great first week at Wave; I spent a good portion of my time getting to know everyone in the company as a whole but in particular the people in my team. Everyone I interacted with was incredibly friendly and helpful and were more than happy to answer my lengthy list of questions. I also spent time learning more about how the company worked and the accounts that my team had been working on. Overall, my first week was very educational without being overwhelming." - Kuldeep
Do you have any reflections on your first 3 months at Wave?
"It’s been really fun, and everyone is super nice. I like the fact that I know almost everyone in the office and have had the opportunity to meet everyone despite a lot being virtual. I feel I have had a great mix of training and on the job learning!" - Grace 
"My time at Wave has been very varied and valuable. The continued focus on personal development and training means there’s always new skills to be learning, and the graduate scheme gives you a great opportunity to experience different roles at Wave to find your best fit. I’ve been given lots of opportunities to take on responsibility and work outside of my role, which makes things more interesting." - Amy
"Reflecting on my short time at Wave, I have found it to be an incredibly supportive and positive work environment with plenty of developmental opportunities. Looking back, one of my most memorable days was when I presented a slide deck on my therapy area to the team after only being on the account for a short while. This opportunity really helped me to improve skills that are essential for working in medical communications. I was also very fortunate to be invited to be a part of the team attending the Diabetes Professional Care 2021 congress last year, despite it being my first month at Wave. I look forward to continuing to work and progress at Wave." - Kuldeep

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